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Website Name: www.oecoin.co
Safe Investment Certificate Status: Authenticated
Company Organization: OeCoin, LLC, New York, US
Encrypted Data Transmission: This website is highly secured to collect investments.This website provided us all legal documents. It has confirmed that this website is US based & LLC.

They are able to take payments from there customers.
Identity Verified: OeCoin,LLC, is verified as the owner or operator of the website on oecoin.co. Official records confirm that OeCoin, LLC, is a valid business.
Safe Invsetment Scan: oecoin.co passed the safe investment scan on Aug 11, 2012 to till now.
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Business License: A license issued by a government agency to conduct business within the government’s geographical area.
Certificate of Formation
Trade Name Registration Document
Charter Documents
Partnership Documents: If a business runs by two or more partners it will be asked to submit their partnership documents.
Merchant/Vendor/Reseller License: If the registered organization is a merchant or vendor or reseller of other organization legal license a contract paper will be needed.
Fictitious Name Statement: If an organization transacts business under a legal operating name a Fictitious Name Statement is required.
Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation: Articles of Incorporation (A set of some formal documents filled with a government body),

including business name, address, agent for service of process, etc.

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